Rajasthani Food

There are a lot of delicious dishes with sweets and vegetables that can make one fill hunger in the state of Rajasthan. The local flavour of Rajasthan cuisine has a number of dishes that one can enjoy during the visit of this state. There are a lot of dishes with spice as well sweet flavour for the taste lovers of both the flavours. There are items with excellent taste which helps one to tickle the taste buds of the food lovers. One can visit any city or town here but without the delicious food in Rajasthan the visit is considered as incomplete.


Here are the few famous dishes from this royal state:-


Dal Bati Churma: It is a famous dish for those who love the unique combination of sweet with spice flavour. Dal Bati made of wheat flour and pulse while the churma is made of wheat flour, ghee and jiggery. It is eaten with garlic paste that can give a delicious taste to the food lovers. This item is almost an identity of Rajasthan.


Ker Sangri: Ker Sangri is a pickle cum vegetable used in routine food in the desert area particularly in Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. To enjoy the dish one can get help of Bajra Roti with this vegetable.


Gatteka pulao: Gatta is a preferred item of Rajasthan. The gattes are made of besan and boiled than added them to the rice which gives a tingling effect to the taste buds of foodies with this item.


Rajasthani Kadi: It is in liquid form and go with rice and bajra roti. It is a spicy item and hence the people who love to be on diet must first ask for lesser spices in it.


Gatte ki Khichadi: Gattes which are made of besan are first prepared in a pan by boiling and adding spices to them. Later they are added to rice with various spices and then the item is fried.


Mohan Maas: It is a pungent item loved by the Non-veggies. The meat is prepared with milk which makes the item a bit juicy and later various spices are added to it which makes it much delicious to eat and enjoy.


Laal Maas: It is a vegetarian item made of red chillies and hence gives an awesome taste with bajra roti that makes one enjoy the beautiful item that one can really remember for a life time.

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