Restaurants in Andaman Island

Visitors to any area are more interested in food availability and taste. When it comes to Andaman food, there is nothing better than strolling down the beaches and trying out the local market flavours, but on must also try out the dishes served at the top restaurants in Andaman. There are some known restaurants here that can offer excellent food delicacies with unique combination of local taste with foreign recipes. The Red Snapper restaurant located in the Havelock Island of Andaman is the best in town. The décor available with this classic restaurant is made up of polished bamboo and gives the view of a romantic island lit in the dark of the night. The speciality of the place offers BBQ fish and handmade pastas. One must definitely try out the delicious mouth-watering cheese olive nan. The place includes a breezy exterior and a dim lighted interior, and sells good beer. It is a perfect place for food and drink lover on this island.


Another famous restaurant in Andaman is the New Light house restaurant. It is an open air sea food place, where the speciality lies in the sea food they serve. Grilled fish and prawns on a barbeques is what makes you drool by its smell. The Excel restaurant in Port Blair is a bamboo roof top restaurant and has the speciality of Italian delicacies. It has a full stocked bar with a variety of wines, beer and champagne. It also has Wi-Fi access but it is made chargeable by the operators.


For those who love to have food in a canteen way have got another option of the food and drink. The Adi Bengali hotel in Port Blair is more or less like a canteen, and sells spicy fish curry and other west Bengal staples. Its speciality is its different varieties of fish curries. The Light House Residency is quite famous among the tourists visiting the island. The display and presentation of the dish–Red crab is marvellous. It is a preferred choice for a lot of sea food lovers who love to enjoy the tingling taste of the dishes. It looks tasty and the flavours are a complete bang on. The speciality of the place is crab or tiger prawns. One must not miss to try out the rice thaali with various curries and potato fries. There are also veg food options for veggies here.


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