Restaurants in Australia

This beautiful land is known for its scenic beauty and at the same time the Australian dishes can help the tourists to fill their belly with delicious food with an Australian touch. Australian cuisine, is classic. The restaurants in Australia serve foods of all kinds of cuisine. Be it sea food or the Italian classic, French delicacies or Korean tangs, you can enjoy the flavour of every cuisine here. The veggies and non-veggies can have equally delicious food here as there are both types of beautiful restaurants here.


The Bough House: Among the Australia Restaurants, The Bough House is quite famous among the locals. The place includes a candle lit setting in a barn for the couples. The place is moreover quite relaxing and comforting. It is the kind of place you would like to come and enjoy your meal after a long day work. The place has a swimming pool as well and its specialities are traditional dishes including bush tomatoes, and traditional ingredients. The dessert includes a buffet system that is free after the main course.


Mo Vida Restaurant: Located in Sydney, Australia, is the Mo Vida restaurant with the speciality of a Spanish Cuisine. The place sells, platters of usually larger than the normal size. The place has the best quality of Spanish vine. Cafe d'bar, located almost on top of the border of New South Wales and The Queensland border, is a one of the best cafes in the country. The speciality of the place is fabulous breakfasts that include Fresh Salads or Tapas and good coffee. If you're good on luck, you'll be able to get a glimpse of the whales passing by. The cafe also has a gallery attached to it, you can take a stroll down the lane of art once you're done with the delicacies.


Mrs Jones restaurant: This is also a well-known restaurant here and attracts a lot of tourists with its beautiful menu items that one can enjoy with great interior of the place. Mrs Jones restaurant was a replacement to one of the renowned cafes of the time, but the people got lucky when the replacement won hearts. The furnishing of the place is remarkable with Tasmanian Oak tables and leather sofas. The place has an open kitchen and the speciality of the place is its duck curry and lamb shoulder. You can never get enough of the drooling Australian delicacies.


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