Restaurants in Bhutan

Food is an important part of every tourist spot as well as culture of the host country. Hence there must be quality food that can help the visitors fill their tummy with great taste. Bhutanese food includes tangy and hot flavours. There are a number of restaurants in Bhutan with mouth-watering delicacies.


The Seasons Restaurant in Bhutan is an Italian delicacy. The place has an amazing cuisine of Italian dishes. The speciality of the place includes Pizzas, steaks, spare ribs, blue cheese, pear salad, smoked beef and many more. This is the top pick among the tourists visiting Bhutan. The place is near the Hong Kong Market that is very famous for its Red Panda Beer. Here one can find awesome international dishes also prepared by their expert chefs.


The Bhutan Kitchen is a Himalayan Delicacy that showcases amazing Bhutanese food. The restaurant has a standout kitchen and was designed for the tourists to enjoy the tradition of Bhutan. The speciality of the place includes Bhutanese Red Rice, Yak Butter, Ema Datshi, Tsheringma Tea and many more. It is purely based on the cultural theme of Bhutan and hence those who love to taste the local items it is a must place to visit.


The Bukhari Restuarant is based on International cuisine and serves a variety of authentic dishes to its visitors. It is considered to be the best in the valley, and is best known for its sophistication. The menu of this place changes every three days and hence there is no particular dish in common as a speciality, but one must look for the popular Uma burger, and the Yak patties in this restaurant. It is a perfect place for those who love to have non-veg food items.


Among the Indian restaurants in Bhutan, the Chula Restaurant is quite famous for its typical Indian dishes. This place is voted as the best Indian restaurant in Town. The speciality of the place includes Palak Paneer, Dal Lakhnavi, Chicken Tikka masala, and many more. The dishes are made spicy if requested and the rates are quite affordable. Kar Gyal, Hotel New Grand and the Hotel Ghasel are some of the famous Indian Restaurants in Bhutan as there are a lot of Indians visit this country every year.


Other famous restaurants in Bhutan include Sonam Trophel Restaurant, Relish Restaurant BBQ, Musk Restaurant, Cup N Slice Cafe and many more. You can also try out the local street foods in the market area.


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