Restaurants in Egypt

The dining experience of Egypt


While deciding on a location for trip one of the essential aspects is to know about the restaurants as one can hardly compromise with food. Also, if one is travelling to an unfamiliar distant spot, it becomes necessary to have a fair knowledge of the food joints so as to avoid the trouble while actually reaching the destination. One can also save time with beforehand information or else the tourist have to scout for good eating places.


Egypt is one the famous tourist destinations worldwide owing to its sightseeing, ancient heritage and other tourist attractions like beaches, pyramids, tombs, local street shops, nightlife, hotels and restaurants. Egypt is located within Nile Valley with its borders touching continents like Africa and Asia from North East and South West respectively.


The famous Restaurants in Egypt are:


Located inCairo, it is famous for Lebanese food. The restaurant has great service and awesome food.


Shogun Japanese Restaurant
Located at Cairo Shogun is one of the best places to explore Japanese cuisines amidst fantastic ambience.


Located in Cairo, it is known for anauthentic variety of Asian food along with exclusive rich ambience.


El Dar Darak
Located at Giza, it serves authentic local cuisines with Egyptian flavours. It also offers great service and beautiful ambience.


Located in Giza the restaurant is well known for Egyptian cuisines. The services are great, and thefood is affordable.


Foul Mohamed Ahmed
Located in Alexandria, the restaurant is famous for delicious food items especially traditional breakfast of Egypt.


Balbaa Village
It is the ultimate destination for food lovers especially during night owing to its delicacies and ambience.


There are few Indian restaurants in Egypt too which are mostly located in the capital city of Cairo. Indira Indian, Maharaja Indian, The karvin hotel, Nawab Indian, Kandahar, Begum and Gate to India are best Indian restaurants.


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