Restaurants in Goa

There are a number of restaurants in Goa that serve delicious mouth-watering dishes. The place not only has traditional cuisine restaurants, but also has international cuisines such as Greek, Italian and French Cuisines. There are doubtlessly restaurants with Indian food also but as there are a lot of foreign tourists who love to visit the area, it offers a number of international cuisines also. There are a lot of hotels and restaurants who are famous for their specialty food items.


The Thalassa restaurant in Goa is a Greek Restaurant located in Vagator and Chapora in India. The place has a breezy open air terrace as well, with the sound of the waves hitting the shore. The place presents authentic Greek delicacies and excellent kebabs. The speciality of the place includes the Spanakorizo and Souvlaki. The ambience of the hotel is also good the verities served here are famous beyond the boundaries.


The Go with the Flow restaurant offers its customers international cuisines. The place is located in Calangute and Baga and has a neon lit garden that undoubtedly makes the place beautiful in the night. The place offers European and South American cuisines cooked by a Brazilian Chef. The speciality of the place includes the pork belly and the duck ravioli.


Viva Panjim is an Indian restaurant in Goa, that is well known to the tourists and is an old Portuguese styled house with few tables and classic Indian delicacies at reasonable rates. The speciality of the place includes pork dishes, cafreal- style dishes and the king fish vindaloo. It also offers great delicious desserts. It is also known for its various sea food items that makes the sea food lovers crazy here.


Having its location in Margao, the Ruta’s World Cafe is an American restaurant. The place is best known for the American dishes that Chef Ruta Kahate creates. The place has won several awards for the best eatery in town as well. The speciality of the place includes simple soups and salads, pork burgers, and grilled sea food. Those who love healthy food and salad, this is the best available place to have such items.


The Beach side stalls should be tried at least once by the tourist visiting Goa. Even though you visit these classy restaurants, you will always have a soft corner for the street foods. They include fried fishes and crabs, and delicious grilled lobsters.


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