Restaurants in Himachal

For any tourist destination, the availability and quality of food matters a lot. Till now we get too see Himachal as a place of tradition and royalty. The Indian Culture flourishes in every part of Himachal, until we talk about the Himachal Cuisine. The restaurants in Himachal Pradesh are modern and quite stylish. The place also serves French, Chinese and Italian Cuisine apart from Indian.


La Plage Restaurant: Among the top restaurants of Himachal, the La Plage restaurant, is a top pick of the tourists. The place is located in an apple orchard, hence you get to know that the view is beautiful. The speciality of the place is delicious French food. One must definitely try out the Liver, smoked trout and pumpkin Ravioli served here. Those who love French cuisine, this is a perfect restaurant one must try out.


Lazy Dog Lounge: The Lazy Dog Lounge is the most famous place on the list of the tourists visiting Himachal. You must visit this place at least once if you're going to Himachal. It is the perfect place to brood about when it comes to classic cuisine. The place offers couches, or formal chairs to sit on, and the dishes are authentic. The specialities of the place are pumpkin and coconut soup, baked sprouts, and a Thai rice bowl. The place also serves beer or wine of fine crisp quality. For the veggies who love to have food in a traditional way, this is a perfect place to enjoy the meal.


The Park View restaurant: Among the Indian Restaurants of the place, The Park View restaurant is quite famous for its delicacies. The unique setting of the place gives you a feeling of sneaking into an attic of a usual house. The vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies are fantastic. The speciality of the place is a special thali that consists of rice and curd, and dal in one bowl, including a variety of chicken dishes. One must try out the lemon chicken of the place. The domestic tourists visiting the state from Northern India who are non-veggies can check out the chicken items.


Himachal Pradesh is the perfect mixture of tradition and modern restaurants. The tourist can enjoy the meal of a Classic Italian or French cuisine, or dig into the Indian Delicacies whenever they want. There are a lot of other restaurants that serve Indian, Mugalai, Continental, Mexican and Thai food also.


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