Restaurants in Kashmir

On visit to any place, the availability of quality food is the primary requirement. When it comes to Kashmiri cuisine, the idea of tangy and spicy is what comes to your head. The food here is simply mouth-watering and there are a number of amazing restaurants in Kashmir. There are a lot of delicacies here for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. The items prepared by the local experts are really awesome and hence there are a lot of places where one can enjoy the ultimate taste of the land.


There are various restaurants that can be visited by the food lovers on their trip to this place. While dining in Kashmir one must definitely visit the restaurant- Chopsticks. This restaurant is located in Leh, and is an effortlessly stylish Asian restaurant. This place is authentic and classy. The Thai curries and the Ladakhi skyu is what drives the visitors crazy with its taste. You can enjoy your delicacies inside, or you can dine outside on the terrace admiring the scenic beauty. The awesome tastes of the cuisines make the tourists fill their tummy with perfect flair of the item.


Among the top restaurants in Kashmir, the Mughal Durbar, is quite famous among the visitors. Located in Srinagar, the upstairs restaurant has its speciality based on Indian cuisine. The Kebabs and muttons available here will leave you drooling over the dishes. It also serves veg dishes, and the interior also includes a sit- on- carpet room. The opening hours are from 10:30 in the morning till evening 10:30 and hence one can visit the place as per own convenience.


If you're looking forward to try out the Himalayan cuisine, the Ahdoo's is the perfect place for you to visit. It is a middle class restaurant but the delicacies are amazing. You can sit inside and enjoy your meal, or they also have a tree shaded dining area as well. The speciality of the place includes lamb and Himalayan dishes. It also has a bakery of its own.


You can visit the G-kitchen as well, that is a rooftop restaurant and its speciality includes seared lamb chops with Italian Sauce. The dish is utterly delicious. Bon Appétit located in Leh, is also very famous among the visiting tourists. The place has a Ladakhi architecture and has a short but well chosen menu. The speciality of the place includes amazing chicken dishes, and Tandoori grills.


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