Restaurants in Ladakh

In the mid of the snow hills there are hardly any food items one can expect but here in Ladakh this sort of expectation is obvious as there is a huge culture here with people who are warm hearted to welcome the guest and fulfil their requirements. A place like Ladakh is famous for its Himalayan cuisine, but there are many other restaurants in Ladakh, that serve Italian, French, Mongolian, and Chinese dishes as well. Many visitors who come here first time surprise with so many cuisines here as they don't expect such delicacies in the mid of the snow.One must definitely pay a visit to the Wonderland restaurant. The place has the best indoors and outdoors seating and dining area. Its menu is Brick thick and it has a vibrant variety of dishes. The place also sells real good coffee. Bon Appétit located in Leh is also quite a famous restaurant among the tourists due to its excellent variety of dishes, different tastes and the wonderful hospitality to the guests. It is one of the top restaurants in Ladakh. Contradictory to the wonderland restaurant, the menu here is short, but well chosen. The speciality of the place is the sublime cashew chicken and tandoori grills which just waters the mouth of non-veg food lovers from all over the globe.


Apart from the restaurants there are a number of Cafes as well in Ladakh. The Old Town Cafe is a perfect example of a vintage 17th century kitchen. The dishes here are authentic and you will not find a better view of this classic anywhere else in Ladakh. The La Piazzetta restaurant, as the name suggests is an Italian outlet that serves fresh cooked pastas and serves delicious pizzas. The place has a bon fire, lit on cold winter nights, that makes the atmosphere perfect for a romantic night out. It is the kind of place you may get food even after 11pm and hence the late night eaters can enjoy here.


The Calabria restaurant in Ladakh is a mixture of Indian, Chinese and vegetarian cuisines. The place also serves pastries and espressos at reasonable rates. You can also try out the cross road restaurant, which is the best in the category of the rooftop outlets. Other famous restaurants of Ladakh include the Booklovers retreat, The Nirvana Gardens, G- kitchen, Penguin Garden and the Otsal Restaurant. Ladakh is a complete mixture of traditional restaurants and casual outlets.


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