Restaurants in Malaysia

For those tourists who are choosy for food, this area offers a number of option that can fill your belly. When it comes to restaurants in Malaysia, then the country never fails to amaze you. There are a number of amazing restaurants in the nation. The Marini's On 57, is an exclusive Italian Restaurant located on the 57th floor of the Petronas Tower 3. Having its location on the 57th floor, the view from the restaurant is breath taking. The place has a modern furnishing with neon lights and has a floor to ceiling glass window which enhances the beauty of the place that cannot be described in words. The speciality of the place includes pan fried shrimp with lemon dressing, the dish is zesty and terrific. The bar has an exclusive and classic selection of drinks, including Johnnie Walker. Hence, those who love liquor this is a perfect place to enjoy various brands.


Among the Indian restaurants in Malaysia, the Ratha Raub Restaurant is a top pick among the tourists. All dishes prepared are fresh and are served in a metal platter. The speciality of the place includes fish head curry and its bone free meat dishes. The place includes a buffet system as well. The taste of the items here has got it huge reputation among the leading restaurants of the country. Those who love fish and meat must visit this restaurant at least once.


Smokey's Barbeque is an American restaurant that will remind you of Alabama. As it is a barbeque outlet, the dishes include mouth-watering oily fried kebabs. The owner is a Californian and has his menu stuffed with secret recipes of exclusive barbeque delicacies. The speciality of this place includes roasted meat and tangy kebabs. The place also serves interesting beers and wines. One can find a huge variety of wines here.


Leaving aside the restaurants, there are several cafes as well where one can hangout. The Alu ALu cafe located in Kota Kinabalu, is actually a part of the Gayana Eco Resort. It takes the Chinese food concept to a new level and the speciality of the place includes exclusive sea food. The butter milk sauce is extremely delicious and a known variety of the café that attracts a lot of tourist to taste it. The Cicheti- an Italian restaurant and the Lagnaa Barefoot Dining are some of the top picks of the visitors as well.


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