Restaurants in Nepal

It is a known fact that the tourist place must have good food facilities so that the tourism can be developed. This is very much applicable to this hilly country and leading tourist destination of the Himalayas. The Nepali Cuisine usually consists of Tangy and Hot flavours. There are a number of restaurants in Nepal serving the best facilities with mouth-watering delicacies. Some of the traditional Nepali foods include momos and Thukpa. Though a number of restaurants here serve veg dishes but the non-veg lovers also must not disappoint as there are some tasty non-veg dishes are also served here.


Among the top restaurants: Among the top restaurants in Nepal, the Kaiser Cafe is quite famous among the tourists. The place is best for light meals like sandwiches or soups. It is the best place to visit for an early morning breakfast. It is one of the most romantic locations of the city. The speciality of the place is the Austrian inspired dishes which are much preferred by western tourists.


Nanglo west Restaurant: Nanglo west Restaurant in Nepal is famous for its Nepali traditional dishes such as momos, thukpa, the place sells pizzas and burgers mostly snacks. The Third Eye restaurant in Nepal is famous for its Indian Delicacies. It is one of the best restaurants in Nepal with its intimate candle lit table setting. The tandoori dishes and the spicy Indian dishes are the speciality of the restaurant. You can opt for the window seat and enjoy the scenic beauty or sit back in a low couch with cushions and experience intimate vibes with your partner. In the snow fall days the beauty of this spot is really unimaginable.


The Fire and Ice Pizzeria: The Fire and Ice Pizzeria is also one of the best restaurants in Nepal. The place serves amazing Italian Delicacies such as pasta, Pizza. The place serves delicious smoothies, crepes and amazing espressos. The place plays Italian soothing tracks, and has its setup with tavern-style wooden tables. Just order a few dishes and the taste will drive to have more and more.


Nepal is a complete mixture of snacks and bits and full course meals. You can try out the Indian delicacies at Khishna's Kitchen or enjoy your date at an open fire place with classic Jazz music on the stereo at Caffe Concerto. You can try out the usual daily grub at Friends restaurant- a common hangout or try out the traditional Tibetan dishes at the Potala Tibetan Restaurant.


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