Restaurants in Shimla Manali

In any tourist destination the availability of quality food holds great importance. The experience of the visitors of this area depends much on their experience with food and concerned restaurant. This applies to these both tourist spots very well. There are a number of multi cuisine restaurants in Shimla Manali. The place is stocked with Cafes and restaurants.


The La Plage restaurant in Shimla Manali is quite famous among the tourists. It has an atmosphere of an apartment of your closest friend. The place is comfortable and cosy and its specialities include lamb and sprouts. The park view restaurant is a restaurant with an Indian cuisine. The place has a flight of stairs and also has a place to dine on the second floor that looks more like dining in an attic. The speciality of the place includes a number of chicken curries and Jeera rice. There are a lot of verities of local food also that one can enjoy.


The People restaurant in Shimla Manali is a multi-cuisine outlet. It supplies take away and deliveries as well. The speciality of the place includes Thai curries and pizzas in snacks. One must also try out the Russian grills and the Japanese sushi rolls. The Tibetan Kitchen is one of the most famous restaurants in town. As the name suggests the place has Tibetan cuisine and it is worth dining here. The speciality of the place includes Bhutanese food and beans with chilli cheese sauce. The tasty food made by expert chef of this restaurant has been much popular among the tourists from various areas.


The Chopsticks Kitchen in Shimla Manali is an Asian restaurant. The place has a Tibetan- Chinese and Japanese style furnishing. The speciality of the place includes delicious momos and noodles. One must also try out the Sichuan Chicken and lamb served here. The place also serves delicious beers and wines as well. Hence those who love to have dine and drink together can enjoy the food after beautiful sips of quality wine and enjoy the time.


The Lung Ta restaurant is Shimla Manali is a Japanese restaurant. The place has its furnishing in the style of a Japanese village and the dishes served here are delicious and authentic. The speciality of the place includes sushi rolls and miso soups. The restaurant is the top pick for the Japanese travellers. The menu here changes every day.


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