Restaurents in Sri Lanka

Every destination has some important food culture that also become famous with the concerned tourist spot. Same rue applies to the land of Sri Lanka also. Restaurants form a distinct culture of Sri Lanka. You will see some of the best restaurants in the town that offer a variety of cuisines, and dish out a large number of uniqueness in the form of space, ambience, location and other things. Dining out has recently become a part of Sri Lanka, which continues to be one of the best things that has happened to this land. Along with the famous wildlife and natural scenic locations, you also get some quality nightlife and good food as a result of this revolution that has occurred here. If you are in Sri Lanka, then you should definitely try out the list of restaurants mentioned here. They are not just famous restaurants for their food but also the taste of cuisine served here that matches or even crosses the international standards of food by leading restaurants.


Gerard Mendis Restaurant & Bar


If you crave for good cakes and chocolates, akin to those baked at home, then this is your must visit place for Sri Lanka. Along with these finely baked dishes, you also get the ambience of a high class restaurant and bar with the delectable dishes served in a platter for you. This place hosts a café, restaurant, bar, boulangerie and patisserie. In nutshell, a perfect place for those who love food


Café 64


This is your must go to place in Colombo. It is located in the Galadari Hotel. It is basically a bakery with an open dining room. It is furnished in wood, which makes it appear good and excels in the interiors. What entices you here is the beautiful smell of cakes and pastries that fills your nostrils even before you enter. A wide range of sweets, chocolates and cakes call you within this place. You also get a good variety of juices and ice creams.


Coffee Stop


If you love your coffee, this is the place you should stop at. This is meant for coffee lovers. Apart from good coffee, you also get served with confectionaries, cakes, waffles and other bakery goodies that you can enjoy with your cup of coffee.

These are a few places that you must visit. Obviously, there are others. Don't go without your list of places and the must-eat foods.


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