Restorants in Fiji Island

In general the preference of a restaurant or the selection of a restaurant is done based on the quality and the taste of the food offered, next importance is given to the cost and even ambiance also comes into consideration at this particular point. At every tourist points there are a number of tourists who are much concerned with the available food quality. The delicacies in Fiji are much known among the tourists who love to have vegetarian food as well as non-vegetarian food.


Eco café is one of the best Italian restaurants in Fiji Island, which has front wooden open gate made of bamboo sticks. The restaurant is constructed in a way that it is faced towards the sea. The ambiance of the restaurant impress the tourists a lot. Besides to this the quality of the food served is very tasty. One can have a delicious dining in this famous restaurant with awesome dining experience with friends and fellow tourists.


Blue Bure restaurant in the country is designed with tropical green and blue walls decorated with electric decors. This place is very low funky and not that much high in ambience but can impress the people with the surroundings where it is located and how it is decorated. The food available here is fresh, delicious and also reflect the mix of Italian, American, Tunisian and Fijian families. There are a lot of people who enjoy the fresh sea food and other items which are known for their taste.


Whales 'Tale restaurant is made of bamboo sticks which almost looks like a cottage and hence offer awesome look and overall ambience of the restaurant. The place is very charming with a thatched bamboo lobby and kitchen too. It is a small restaurant with large windows to observe the world go by. Tourists visiting the country are always advised by the guides to prefer the Whale's tale restaurant because of the availability of the delicious food which is price worthy. There are a lot of tourists here who have tasted the food here and admired the quality as well as taste. There are also various fusion of different dishes that are offered by them to the foodies who love to taste something new.


There are many Indian restaurants in Fiji Island which are specially launched for the sake of Indian tourists and the Indian people accommodating in the country.


  • Kashmir
    Delight (6N/7D)
    Starting from: Rs.16,675*
  • Kerala
    Kerala Special
    Delight (6N/7D)
    Starting from: Rs.16,675*


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