Seychelles Festivals

The culture and rituals of Seychelles


Seychelles is known as one of the beautiful countries located in the Indian Ocean. Owing to its location the country is surrounded by water from all sides. In all Seychelles has 115 Islands that adds to the charm of the beautiful country and attracts the tourists throughout the year from worldwide.


They say there is no specific time to visit Seychelles as the climate there is moderate throughout the year with a warm temperature which is neither too hot nor cold and temperature that remains between 24 to 32 degrees. However, one can definitely plan to visit the country to have a look at the Seychelles festivals. Every region has its own local festivals which signify their rich culture, bespeaks of their glorious history and is a way to celebrate the spirit of traditions and unite with the community.


Some of the famous festivals in Seychelles are as follows:


Seychelles International Carnival
The event is spread over a time frame of 3 months and is celebrated in various parts of Mahe Island. It is the annual event filled with fun and frolic which puts a light on theculture of Seychelles. The event that takes place in early February has a lot of parades.


Semaine de la Francophonie
The festival is celebrated in mid of March which continues for an entire week on the Island of Mahe. It celebration includes art exhibitions, French music, food, reading and fashion activities.


Holy Week
This is observed during Easter period since Seychelles peoples are religious people. There is a lot of fun and frolic in theform of parades, parties, food stalls and vibrant local music.


Independence Day
This day hold a great importance in every country and Seychelles is no exception. It was freed from the UKon June 29, 1976. The celebration includes flag waving, patriotic songs along with fireworks and special events in parks, beaches, and resorts.


SUBIOS Underwater Festival
This is a very interesting event with a cause to promote conserving underwater life. It is celebrated in early October on the Island Mahe of Seychelles. The photographs and films of underwater are seen by people coming acrossthe world for the festival.


Creole Festival
It is celebrated in last week of October and is a must watch for tourists. It is celebrated at Mahe, Praslin and La Digue which is a 6-day food event. The event includes acelebration of arts and crafts, music and dance and ofcourse food. You can treatyourself on main Islands of Victoria, Anse Royale or Beau Vallon.

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