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Seychelles or much famous asthe Republic of Seychelles is a country located in the Indian Ocean. The country has in all 115 islands that add to the charm of the country and make travellers plan a Seychelles tour. It lies 1500 kilometres from east of mainland East Africa. The country is surrounded by other territories and countries like Mauritius, Comoros, Mayotte and Madagascar.


The country has the smallest population with estimated 93000 people. The capital cities of Seychelles include AnseBoileau, Beau Vallon, Takamaka and Grand Ansemahe with Victoria as thecapital city.


Another positive aspect of Seychelles is the climate which is always warm and never touches the extreme ends of cold or heat thereby making the stay pleasant. The temperature always remains between 24 to 32 degree which makes Seychelles an ultimate holiday spot for beach lovers.


Seychelles has end number of beautiful beaches which have helped the Seychelles tourism to attract the tourist worldwide to relax and rejuvenate in this water surrounded country of islands. The beautiful country of islands has some of the finest of luxurious villas, resorts and hotels to add to the tourist attraction and make the trip memorable.


Seychelles has great connectivity in terms of flight from its local Air Seychelles Airlines from Seychelles International Airport. Etihad, Quantas, Jet Airways, Ethiopian, Air France, Sri Lankan and South African airlines also provide excellent connectivity to Seychelles.


Apart from beaches Seychelles are also well known for its coral reefs, Jungles and plateaus. Many islands also have marine sanctuaries. For on land adventure people can go for dining in sumptuous restaurants, Rock climbing and photography of aesthetic flora and fauna. One can also go for fishing.


Various trip advisors have lucrative Seychelles holiday packages to give a traveller unique experience in limited budget. Seychelles also have happening nightlife and shopping malls to keep you glued.


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