Shopping in Andaman

At every tourist destination people love to carry some sweet memories of the visit of the area. Well, at this spot it is not the case as there are so many items available here that makes one enjoy the shopping and hence, there are a number of shopping spots also at this beautiful place. Shopping in Andaman means shopping for the best hand made products of the locals. There are a number of souvenirs to be bought and take back home as memories. Among the top shopping places in Andaman, the Khela Cane Bamboo Handicrafts is the best place to stop by and shop for Andaman cane products. They sale amazingly carved bamboo products like a tea tray, or a beer mug, bamboo masks, or flasks made of bamboo. The artworks on these cane made products are beautiful as well. They are really extra ordinary items made of various materials and at the same time the utility of these products are also amazing.


One can also visit the Anthropological Museum to shop for beautiful paintings, posters and cards of Andaman. The place is filled with crafts, it also sells CDs and DVDs on the life of the Aborigines, prevalent only in Andaman Islands. On the beaches you can pay a visit to the local market stalls and shop for small wooden toys as souvenirs, they also sell small handmade show pieces. There are a number of items made from sea shells that look beautiful.


There are places where you can buy shades and sun caps as well as hats that can save you from direct sun. You can purchase flirty feminine bikinis for yourself to enjoy on the beaches. Shopping in Andaman Island is more of an experience since the souvenirs they provide are beautiful and have a touch of the traditional and tribal culture.


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