Shopping in Bangkok Pattaya

Pattaya, which is around 147 KM southeast of Bangkok is not only famous for water sporting and beach resorts, it is also a good place for shopping. Bangkok Pattaya shopping placesare mostly in the malls, markets, stalls and even in the bazaars but same as like many other tourist destinations, it has also a lot of items of handicrafts and local craftsmanship that are preferred as by the tourists to shop as a memory of the place and city. There are various items with cotton, bamboo, metal, jute, paper, and clay created by local artists sold in the market which one can use as a showpiece in home.


Every place and every point in Pattaya is found with a shopping zone and hence, people say Pattaya is not lacking places for shopping. There are places where people can bargain for a high deal with a lot of variation from the actual price. The street shopping is one kind of best fun making and bargaining place in Pattaya, where people can purchase artificial jewelry and other attractive showpieces for very less price.


Some of the best places for shopping in Bangkok Pattayaare Central festival Pattaya, which is called as the tallest building holding around 300 shopping outlets with in it. It is structured on the beachfront. Royal garden plaza, Pattaya floating market, Outlet mall Pattaya, Mimosa, Central center Pattaya, Mike shopping mall, Pattaya night bazaar and many other places are interesting Pattaya to get a huge collection of various items. Pattaya night bazaar is also known as the “Made in Thailand market”, where vendors sell every item in discount from clothing to electronic gadgets. Considering the variety of items, the area is flooded by the tourists at night and one can also find beautiful gadgets and other items at much affordable rate here.


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