Shopping in Hong Kong Macau

Without a good memory item form the land visited by the tourists, the visit is considered as incomplete. There are a number of items that one can shop from this small and beautiful land as a memory which can have flair of local artisans and craft. Macau is a complete city, where you can stop by and shop from the local markets, or you can visit the shopping malls and arcades. One of the best shopping places in Hong Kong Macau includes the Grand Canal that is a huge mall. It has 350 shops in total and stretches for more than 9 hectares of land. You can shop for jewellery from here that are famous with gold and antiques as well. Shopping for clothes makes it cheap here. There are several clothes manufacturing in industries in Macau where the clothes are sold at reasonable rates. Some of them are much known for their qualities among the shoppers and visitors.


Apart from Jewelleries and clothing one can shop for souvenirs to take back home such as antiques made of porcelain or bronze. For such goodies you can visit the Macau Dim Sum. There are several pastry and souvenir shops located next to it as well. The items made by local artisans have a different view as they reflect the local culture and hence many of the tourists love to shop them as a show piece as well as memory.


If you're not into shopping from local markets and you're looking for brands, then there are a number of shopping malls in Macau that sell international renowned brands as well. One must definitely shop for wines in Macau. The place sells, authentic wine imported from Portugal. There is a Wine Museum as well, where there are different samples of wines kept.


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