Shopping in Ladakh

While you're in Ladakh, there are a number of things you can shop for and take back home as memories. You can go for souvenir shopping in the local markets of Ladakh where a huge range of different items available that display the skill of the local artisans and their vision to provide the best of the art piece to the shoppers. These local market stalls are comparatively cheaper than the massive art galleries of the place. The local market areas have a traditional touch in whatever they sell. You can buy wooden handicrafts with beautiful designs on it. The famous Pashmina shawls and woollen garments are prevalent only in this region. These Pashmina shawls are famous for the warmth it gives and for its beautiful floral and geometric designs. The Pashmina wool is considered as the top quality wool and hence there are a lot of people who love to have the Pashmina shawls from this place. They are available here in better quality and at much competitive rates than any other market.


Among the several shopping places in Ladakh one must definitely visit the Nowshera Bazaar. There are tiny stalls placed in clusters in this local market where you can stop by and shop for small Buddhist show pieces. The Gol market is also one of the top shopping places in Ladakh, where you can shop for clothes and handmade bags at reasonable prices. The ladies can stop by and shop for beautiful ornaments that the locals wear made by the artists with wood as well as many other materials. They are generally made of metal and are extremely beautiful and famous among the visitors who love to have such cultural aitems. The venture Ladakh and the Tibetan refugee market are some of the famous shopping places of Ladakh.


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