Shopping in Maldives

When it comes to shopping in Maldives, then there are several handicrafts, and souvenirs to shop for and take back home. These islands are famous for their wooden handicrafts and artwork. There are also handicraft items where the craft is displayed on piece of clothes, metal and bamboo material. There are end number of items that can help the people to have the items as the sweet memory of the visit to this beautiful piece of land.


Shopping at the STO trade centre at Maldives is more like an experience. It is the biggest supermarket in the city. During the time of Ramazan, the market is filled with local citizens, buying vegetables and fresh fruits. The Agora mall in Maldives is a place where you can shop for electronics as well as vegetables. There are a lot of latest electric gadgets and appliances available here that can help the shoppers who love electric items to buy and enjoy. The mall has everything, including groceries and electronics.


Among the Maldives shopping places, the local markets of the Mafushi Island is the best place to stop buy and shop from. You can get T-shirts, handmade wooden art and crafts, and beautiful souvenirs to take back home. Some of the wooden handicrafts include colourful wooden masks. These wooden masks come in different sizes and colours. You can also buy some photographs of the islands from the Maldives airport. You get a number of souvenirs there. There are also artists who can offer beautiful items made of clay as well as metals.


You may visit the Sun Island and get yourselves beautiful ornaments made of corals, stones, sapphires and jewels. The place also sells souvenirs to take back home as memories. There are a lot of items made of sea shells can be purchased from this island.


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