Shopping in Rajasthan

The Rajasthan is a North Indian state that receives a lot of local as well as global tourists as there are a lot of things with this state to offer its visitors. The shopping in Rajasthan is a different experience as there are a lot of things that can make one crazy to shop. There are colourful modern as well as traditional garments, leather items, items on wood with carving, curtains and carpets with great art of painting over them, excellent marble art pieces and a lot of handicraft items have got a huge market here. There are many shops in almost all the cities of this state from where one can check a number of items and shop them as the memory of visit to this state.


There are many shops operated by the Rajasthan Tourism also where end number of beautiful items are available and they also provide a number of facilities to the shoppers such as home delivery of item by courier and payment also at the time of delivery. In Rajasthan, shopping of a number of pottery items, bandhej, wooden boxes and pure leather shoes is almost a favorite choice of travellers. There are a lot of stores in different markets in different cities where these items are commonly available as there are a lot of handicraft artists prepare them in this state.


While exploring Rajasthan shopping places there are a few points one must keep in mind. This area is much known for handicraft items and therefore while moving in the market don't forget to shop handicraft items. The marble items here are rare in other states and therefore it is wiser to shop them here but usually marble items are heavier in weight and hence if you have your own vehicle it is best to carry else ask the store to send it safely by courier if possible. The leather items here are of unmatched quality and at least one pair is worth to shop for.

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