Shopping in Seychelles

What to buy and from where to buy in Seychelles


Whenever an individual plans for a trip shopping is one of the main agendas on the list. Everyone wants to invest in something that is special about the local of holiday spot be it clothes, accessories or handicrafts for home decor or gifting purpose.


Seychelles, which is beautiful water, decked country situated in the Indian Ocean. The country is located 1500 kilometres away from themainland of East Africa. Seychelles has in total 115 islands which make it a lucrative travel destination for Seychelles tourism. The capital cities of Seychelles are Grand Ansemahe AnseBoileau, Beau Vallon and Takamaka with Victoria as thecapital city.


Shopping in Seychelles is also an exciting thing to explore. From local fashion to other sovereigns, one has ample variety to shop for.


Some of the popular Seychelles shopping places include:


Mahe is one of the best islands to shop in Seychelles, but this place has pretty small shops instead of lavish malls. Local made Tea and Perfumes are the specialities of Mahe. These products have anenticing aroma which will capture the attention of tourists and draw them to the shops. Out of all other shops, Kenwyn is most renowned one. Other best markets of Seychelles include Sir Selwyn Clarke market which is a vibrant place to buy fruits, veggies and fish. Another speciality of the area is its unique gift shops.


Praslin is yet another shopping destination for shopaholics. Just like Mahe this place is also adorned with small shops instead of pompous malls. The small retail shops selling local items are laid-back and relaxed. Interestingly some of the great shops are inside of some grand hotels wherein one can buy from textiles to jewellery and gifts. One major speciality of this place is the paintings of local artists which have got international recognition.

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