Shopping in South Africa

The tourist attractions in various areas help the people to enjoy the time and after the visit to this area the tourists love to move to local markets to get something different and unique which they can buy and carry as a memory of the visit to the place. When it comes to shopping in South Africa, the place is filled with bizarre things to shop for. The place has both branded and local materials to shop for. Among the South Africa shopping places the Watershed is quite famous among the tourists. The place sells branded clothing as well as handicrafts. It is the best place to shop for souvenirs and makes the top Capetonian and South African brands in fashion and design. You can also check out the guitars sold here. There are a lot of various items sold by the local artisans made from clay, bamboo, wood, cane, metal and cloth. There are paintings, pouches, belts and many more items sold here by the local people which are unique in their creation.


The Ethno bongo is a shopping arcade where the ladies can stop by and shop for brands and accessories. When it comes to street handicrafts then the Streetwires art and crafts steal the show. They build amazing handwork toys of different sized animals with wires.


Well, you don’t only have to shop for clothes, you get fresh coffee beans in the local market, and you can stand by the food stalls and check out the delicacies. The Erf 81 Food Market is a booming market area, where people grow their plants under a shed and you can shop for freshly grown vegetables. Some of the famous shopping places in South Africa include the Balu Legacy Boutique, the KIN and the Cape Union Mart Adventure Centre.


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