Singapore Festivals

As the civilization here belongs to a lot of cultures and therefore there are a lot of festivals which belongs to different cultures are celebrated here. There are many festivals celebrated on this land of the festivities and some of the festivals are celebrated here at such a grand level that even the government has declared holiday on such festivals.


There are a lot of festivals celebrated here but the Chinese New Year, Deepavali, River Hong Bao Festival, Chingay Parade, Huayi, Hungry Ghost festival Mid-autumn Festival and MoonFest are some of the important festivals celebrated by the people living here.


There are a lot Chinese people live here and hence the Chinese New Year is celebrated here with great joy and pleasure that can be seen in all the fronts of the society here. The Chinese for whom this day is very much important clean up their houses and decorate it with different lights and various themes with bright red colour and therefore the majority of the city gets coloured with red colour. This festival is generally celebrated in the month of January mid to February mid and hence a long celebration takes place.


The Deepavali is an important Hindu festival and hence all the Hindus living here celebrate this festival with great joy. This festival is also known as the festival of light and on the very next day the Hindu New Year also begins and hence the Hindus here also prepare well to celebrate the festival. This festival is usually celebrated in the month of October.


The River Hong Bao festival is also a Chinese festival. The celebration lasts for almost seventeen days. There are many parades with different mythological characters are organised and one can see Lord of fortune and various Zodiac animals and lot of songs are also played during the parade. At night one can see splendid light show that can help one enjoy the festival.


The Chingay parade is also a known festival here celebrated by the Chinese people on the 15th day of the Chinese New Year. It was initially started just as a part of the Chinese New Year but now has become a grand attraction point for foreign visitors. The parade is huge in size and begin from City hall. It stretches up to the Suntec City. One can show a lot of live performances with different shows during this parade.


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