Snapshot of Malaysia Tourism

A country with a perfect blend of nature and opulence is Malaysia. It is a Southeast Asian country with 13 states and 3 federal territories. A capital city of the country-Kuala Lumpur is an exotic city with towering buildings, elegant skyscrapers, leafy canopy of banyan trees and food-stall-lined streets. For more information about amazing Kuala Lumpur tour package, get in touch now!

 The Malaysian Borneo and Peninsular Malaysia are two amazing regions divided by South China Sea. Malaysian Borneo offers granite peaks, wild jungles, remote tribes and rich culture. Whereas the Peninsula is consists of lush green tea plantations, modern areas with great infrastructure and attractive colonial architecture.

One of the tallest twin buildings in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers is an iconic symbol of Malaysia's revolutionary growth. Tourists love this place for its glittering beauty and sheer elegance; no doubt it has become a favourite tourist destination for honeymooners. Take your loved one to this mesmerizing destination; look at our pocket friendly Malaysia honeymoon package. Malaysian ringgit is a currency of Malaysia. And, when it comes to economic performance, the country has been one of Asia's best performers.

Islam is the state religion in Malaysia. Many other religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and traditional Chinese religions are practiced by the population in the state. This country is a Multicultural and multi-ethnic nation with a perfect example of inter-religious harmony. The official language of Malaysia is Malay and English is an active second language. So, visitors find it easy to communicate with the locals and find ease while travelling throughout the country.

You will fall in love with grand shopping centres, Mogul-style domes, magnificent turquoise-fringed islands and a shimmering skyline. You can take a look at our interesting Malaysia tour packages. You can cherish the memories of taking a glance at the world’s largest flower - the Rafflesia.

This colourful country also boasts of beautiful Thean Hou Temple, Istana Budaya, Merdeka Square, Aquaria KLCC and enticing Batu Caves. Gifted with mesmerizing coral reefs, clean and pristine turquoise-fringed islands located in the state of Sabah is a mind blowing hangout place for your loved one. Further, do not miss the adventurous scuba diving in Sipadan Island with your soul mate.

You will find Shri Lord Murugan- a spear-toting gold statue of Hindu deity at Batu Caves. Perfect and attractive rock formations of Gunung Mulu National Park one of country's most frequented tourist attractions under our Kuala Lumpur tour package. Nature lovers flock to this destination and adventure seekers love Batang Rejang River. In the state of Sarawak, immaculate rainforests is a home to crocodiles, orang-utans and proboscis monkeys. This awe-inspiring natural beauty and lush greenery attracts number of tourists.

The country offers lip smacking dishes with Sweet-and-sour combinations like Nasi lemak, Congee and Roti Canai to name a few. Chilli peppers, coconut, Belacan, soy sauce, fresh fruits, vegetables and Rempah are commonly used in preparations of Malaysian dishes. If you happen to discover this ultimate tourist destination, you will come across fried tofu that is served almost with all the dishes.

We recommend you to try Malaysian Tropical Curry with Shallots and Lemongrass. The country makes abundant use of a herb -Lemongrass in its dishes. An amazing region in Malaysia- Penang is known for its finger licking food. This particular region is inhabited by Malay, Chinese, Indian and Thai communities so you get to taste different dishes from all these different cultures. As a foodie you will love exploring the Malaysian cuisine with aromatic flavours.

For avid shoppers, Malaysia is a Shopping Heaven with number of prominent and luxurious shopping malls such as Berjaya Times Square, Midvalley Mega Mall, The Gardens, 1 Utama and Suria KLCC. Kuala Lumpur boasts of International renowned hotels, shopping malls, and tall skyscrapers. About 1.8 million people live in the city and it covers an area of 243 km. Malaysia honeymoon package includes this thriving destination, we bet you will visit Kuala Lumpur once again for Petronas Twin Towers, dining and international shopping.

 Zoo lovers can checkout Kuala Lumpur's Zoo Negara, and Malacca's Zoo. This place is thronged by tourist with families and kids. Animal lovers and kids are usually mesmerized by the simplicity and eco friendly environment of the Zoo. Malaysia offers huge attractions like Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, George Town and Malacca City for tourists, a perfect paradise for all sorts of visitors.
Penang's colonial and multicultural capital is a part of George Town. Pristine relaxing beaches, thrilling rainforest and Mt. Kinabalu situated in the laps of nature are situated in Kota Kinabalu. Cheng Hoon Teng temple and Jonker Street is located in Malacca City. Our Affordable Malaysia tour packages include many key destinations including the mentioned ones. The rejuvenating experience of the visitors in the country has led to growth in the tourism sector of Malaysia.

You all are welcome to Vibrant Malaysia- your perfect weekend escape!


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