Sri Lanka Festivals

This small but beautiful country has huge cultural heritage that reflects in their festivals and celebrations of them. This country has great combination of Buddhism, Islam and Hindu culture and therefore there are many festivals celebrated by the people here who are also fond of festivals as well as quite aware about their cultural heritage. Sri Lanka offers cultural diversity that maps the identity of this land in a very distinct manner. Festivals are integral to the culture of Sri Lanka. This country celebrates a vast variety of festivals- from diverse cultural backgrounds and religion. This country celebrates Buddhist festival of Kandy as well as the Hindu Vel festival and the Ramadan and Madhu Church Festival. There are no religious restrictions on the people residing here.


If you are visiting this country during the time of these festivals, then you should definitely add it to your itinerary. This will make your visit even more special, as you will get a chance to experience the true culture of this land. Let's see the typical celebrations that occur during these festivals.


Vesak Festival


This festival celebrates the birth, enlightenment and the death of Gautam Buddha, and is celebrated each year on the full moon day in the month of May as per English calendar. The whole island is dipped in the celebration mood. It is one of the oldest festivals of this land.


The streets in the country are decorated with lanterns and massive pandols to mark the celebration. You will get good food and drinks. The vesak lanterns are specially made by the skilled artisans during this festival that makes the visitors add a great charm to their visit.


Ramadan Festival


The Muslim festival of Ramadan is practiced with equal fervor in Sri Lanka. During the holy month of Ramadan, the people fast from sunrise to sunset. The fast is generally broken after offering a prayer with a generous feast in the company of family and friends. The month ends with the celebration of Id-ul-Fitr.


Vel Festival


This is yet another important festival for the Hindus residing in Sri Lanka. Chariot parades, bright colored clothes, and coconut smashing form a part of the procession conducted during this time. This festival dates back to mid-1870s, and now it is also an important part of the Sri Lankan tradition, therefore the festival is every year visited by a lot of tourists coming from all over the world.


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