Things to Do Bangkok Pattaya

This is the area where there are lot of attractions for tourists and hence it is always full with people from all over the world. There are lot of spots which are known for Bangkok Pattaya tourist attraction.Pattaya is one of the best tourist place and people visiting Pattaya have a number of things which must not be missed during their trip.


Basically Pattaya, which a part of Thailand seaboard is collective of lots of attractions. These spots include ancient traditional as well as present modern adventures. Tourists can explore not nature but also the art of Pattaya people, science, and culture of the land. There are also a lot of places to worship for various religious people. They can also enjoy the place only by watching the nature of Pattaya, this itself elucidates how beautiful Pattaya is and how easily it attracts the visitors.


Bangkok Pattaya tour has a number of places. These areasin to do list of the visitors is Walking Street.It is a place located at the end of Pattaya’s beach road. It is the 500 Mt fun zone which is fully occupied with fun and attractive zones. In the day light it is almost closed and turns alive in the night with neon lamps, thumping music of various ranges, food vendors, various partying themes, night clubs, and above all lot of visitors. The other important places to visit are Cabaret shows, Sanctuary of truth, Nongnooch tropical botanical garden, Pattaya floating market, Art in Paradise, Ripley’s believe it or not, Big Budha hill, Fight of the gibbon, and world famous Buddha Mountain.


Cabaret shows are famous in many cities and the reason why it is special in Pattaya is every performer in the event is a show girl for herself and perform. Floating market is the other place which is very interesting and lovely to visit. The vendors do indeed float and sell their products like fruits, art, clothing, handicrafts, food, in the boats only. Due to a number of such boats only it is called floating market.


Art paradise is one more beautiful tourist attraction spot which depicts the ancient history of the land in a very informative way. The gallery here is a wonderful collection and visitors become a part of this gallery by making optical illusions. The visitors are also allowed click pictures here during their visit which can help them recall the trip.


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