Things to do in Andaman

In a place like the Andaman Islands your days can never go idle or without activities. There are a number of things to experience, a number of things to see, and a number of things to enjoy in the islands of Andaman. There are places to visit, activities for those who love adventure, natural beauty and fun. Hence, at various spots there are a number of activities available and one can enjoy it at one's best.


Among the wide range of things to do in Andaman, sea walking is much of an experience. This activity was first introduced by the North Bay Island, but it is not necessary to know swimming for sea walking. You will be in 6 feet of water, with a helmet on your head that includes a glass in front. You will be able to see the aquatic life and touch the fishes swimming in front of you. It is more or less like scuba diving but as there are life jackets and other measures are taken one must not worry about any danger here.


You can also try out activities like Jet skiing and Glass Bottom Boat ride. Andaman tourist attractions also include a visit to the Alfred Caves in Diglipur. This is the best place for people who love trekking. The caves are famous for its Swiftlet nest that is once again prevalent only in the Andaman Islands. While you take a boat ride through the creeks of the rocks, the calm water splashes on you once in a while that gives a different sort of sensation and one can feel great joy with the water splash.


Adventure in Andaman includes Island hopping. You can visit the nearby islands that are uninhabited and isolated but open for tourists. You can encounter the wild fauna and flora of the place. These islands are the best place one can go for camping. There are a lot of tourist who can give you good company and hence the camping can really be a beautiful experience here. Some of the nearby islands include the Guitar Island, Stewart Island and Ross and Smith Islands which are also known for their beauty of the area.


One must definitely try out the sea food at the Andaman Beaches. These hot and spicy flavours will get your taste buds vibrating. You can visit any of the beaches there and admire the sunrise and the sunset of the place.


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