Things to Do in Australia

If you're taking the Australia Tour, you've got a million things to do in the country. You can explore the tropical rainforests, or go for a safari and admire the kangaroos from your jeep. You can dive under water and adore the blue paradise, or cuddle up with a Koala. It is a perfect land for the tourist who loves aqua sports or adventurous activities. It also helps one to look at various animals while passing through dense forests. One can also enjoy the view of historical monuments where every stone has a story to tell. All these activities are offered with great safety and security of the tourists which provides perfect sense of satisfaction after the visit of the concerned area.


Among the several Australia Tourist Attractions, the Great Barrier Reef, holds its position at number one. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and is larger than the Great Wall of China. The spectacular view of the corals- that stretch along the Queensland seaboard for about 2000 kilometres, are the reason for its uniqueness. You can take a dive into the Blue water Paradise and admire the scenic beauty of the heritage. If you have enough facility, you can also go for shooting of these aqua animals in their natural surroundings with your camera.


The Sydney Opera House has to be on your list of the Australia Tour. It is one of the most frequented landmarks by tourists from all over the world. The structure of the place refers to a sexual congress of turtles. It conducts dance and singing performances on five stages respectively. You can have the best experience of the place if you attend a performance, if not you can take a two-hour tour around the landmark.


One of the most spectacular coastal drives of the world resides in Australia. The roads cut through the mountains with steep turnings and leave the viewers in awe. The Great Ocean Road extends from Apollo Bay, covering the scenic beauty of the Otway Ranges, till the fashionable town of Lorne. There are about seven million tourists visiting the place annually.


The country that has a perfect combination of the hill and the coast will leave you with no complaints regarding its tourist attractions. You can go for trekking in the Overland track winter trek or get yourself tanned under the sun at Cable Beach.


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