Things to do in Egypt

How to spend your holidays in Egypt


Egypt is one of the well-known countries of theworld owing to its tourist locations and sightseeing options. There are ample Egypt tourist attractions available in the country like its pyramids, ancient monuments and temples. The country also has great local shops to the keep the travellers glued. On an Egypt tour, one can explore and engage in various activities like scuba diving, coral reefs, deserts, beaches, casino, golf, lavish resorts to give the tourist a pleasant holiday experience.


The famous Egypt Tourist places are:

The capital city of thecountry is famous for Sphinx and Giza pyramids. Pyramids are one of the major attractions for travellers worldwide and also one of the wonders.


Sharm El Sheikh
Located at Sanai Desert it is a famous beach town. It is known for its exotic scenic beauty and coral reefs.


It is one of the famous and lavish beach resorts. The place also offers exciting scuba diving experience.


The place is famous for its libraries and local markets for shopping. It is also known as Egypt’s port city.


Luxor is a very famous place known for ancient heritage. The city has iconic ancient temples and king’s tombs.


It is a very attractive place for travellers with alot of activities like scuba diving, coral reef, exotic beaches, snorkelling and lagoons.


One of the most happening places of Egypt, Taba has beaches, beautiful seaside resorts along with Golf and casino to add to the charm.


Daha is very famous for windsurfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, canyons and kitesurfing.


This is also a place with great ancient significance. It has all heritages like king’s tombs, camels and temples. The city has complete ancient Egypt look.


Ras Muhammad National Park
The national park of Egypt is famous for its coral reef, scuba diving, Natural reserves and aesthetic parks along with snorkelling.


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