Things to do in Hong Kong Macau

During the visit of this area, the question about the local activities is natural to come up in one's mind. Well, nothing to worry as there are a lot of activities offered by this wonderful tourist destination. When it comes to Tourist attractions in Hong Kong, the first place that comes to a tourist's mind is Hong Kong Disney Land. It is a Hong Kong themed park that is enjoyed by the people of all age groups. The place offers many rides with mascots dressed up as Disney characters. The famous Disney show characters such as Toy story, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, can be seen here. The tourists love the place and enjoy the rides. It is quite entertaining for the mascots as well, since they keep posing for the photo shoots along with the tourists the entire day. The place is made like a Disney castle and during the night the fireworks light up behind the castle just like in the Disney animations. One can spend quality time here while enjoying the trip to this area.


The Ocean Park is also joined along with the Disney Land Park which is another leading destination in this area. It has rides and marine shows as well. Apart from Amusement Parks, one can also visit the historical sites of the city of Macau and hence those who love to check historical places, this is an ideal place. When you're taking the Hong Kong Macau Tour, you must definitely visit the Wine and Grand Prix Museum. These museums are just located next to each other. The Wine Museum is only one of its kinds in Asia, and consists of a number of different kinds of Wines. The place also offers a number of important information about wine as well as wine making.


The motive of the place is to make the tourists familiar with the social, economic, and cultural importance of wine in the Portuguese society. While on the other hand, the Grand Prix Museum displays art works and paintings of based on the Grand Prix worldwide. One can also go for the Grey hound Racing held usually on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 7:45 in the evening. You can also sit in one of the nearby restaurant or bars, while enjoying the race. Some of the places for site seeing include the Guia Fortress and the St Lawrence Church.


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