Things to do in Ladakh

This small and snow filled piece of land has a lot of to offer to the adventure and sports lovers as well as common visitors who just want to explore the area and enjoy the visit. There are a number of things to do in Ladakh. The place is a perfect combination of historical sites and adventure and therefore a perfect venue for visitors of all the ages. When it comes to admiring the scenic beauty of Ladakh one must visit the Pangong Tso Lake. This Lake stretches from India to Bhutan and hence attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world due to its awesome beauty and natural scenic view. It is a never ending body of water, it does not allow boating, but during winter, when the lake freezes one can go for ice skating. There are a lot of movies also which are shot at this famous lake.


Among the several tourist attractions in Ladakh the Nubra Valley, is a desert in between the snowy hills. Who could have ever imagined a desert in between the ice covered hills of Ladakh. You can go for a camel safari here that will give you a feeling of the Arabian nights. If you want to experience defiance of gravity, you can visit the Magnetic Hill. It is observed that the people visiting the place, leave their bikes at the base of the hill with their brakes unlocked. After some time the bike is found moving uphill on its own. The science behind this phenomenon is not justified yet and hence it has been a point of attraction for a lot of tourists here.


Once you're finished with your adventures in Ladakh, you can visit the holy Buddhist monasteries. The Namgyala monastery is famous for the Buddhist statue it hosts. It was visited by Dalai Lama himself even. Visitors usually visit this holy pilgrimage, and even stay here for a couple of days, and help the monks there with their chores. The Hemis Monastery is the biggest Monastery in Ladakh. It celebrates the Hemis festival that takes place during the month of July on the 10th day of the month according to the Tibetan Lunar calendar. The feature of this festival is a masked parade and is celebrated in memory of the reincarnation of Buddha and therefore a lot of people can enjoy the procession on these days if they participate here.


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