Turkey festivals

Festivals are an important part of culture as it carries the cultural value from one generation to another. Various cultures have different values and accordingly the festivals also take place. These festivals have different reasons for the celebration which many times carry a legend also. Therefore to know any tourist destination closely, the best way is to be a part of their festival celebration or to know about the festival and way of celebration.


The festivals celebrated in turkey are beautiful. The Muslim class dominates the area and the festivals are based mostly on their religious views. You will find a very less percentage of the Christians, as compared to the latter. Among the famous festivals in Turkey, the most important festival celebrated by the locals of Turkey is Ramadan. The holy month of Ramadan is a thirty days fast before the grand festival of Eid- ul- Fitr. The Muslims wake up early in the morning before the sun rises and have food, and break their fast after the sun sets. The streets are full of food stalls selling pakoras and fruits and various other eatables during the festival of Ramadan. This holy festival comes once in a year and is determined by the lunar calendar of the Muslims.


Kurban Baryami is another important one among Turkey Festivals. This festival is based on the sacrifice of Abraham’s son to God. The feature of this festival includes a massive slaughter of sheep, camel, cows, and goats. Only the rich people are able to buy a whole animal, and the meat is distributed everywhere in the neighbourhood.


Among the major fairs and events that take place in Turkey, The Camel wrestling is quite famous among the tourists. It is celebrated in the month of January and takes place on the last two weekends. Those who love to see racing camels, love to be here in these days.


During the month of April is the Istanbul film festival where a large amount of crowd is gathered at a certain venue where there are either several theatres where they visit to watch a movie or a single big screen is placed right in the middle of the streets and the people gather around to enjoy. This is a different experience of watching movie with unknown people.


Some of the famous festivals also include, Oil Wrestling, Pir Abdal Musa, Ballet festival, International Puppet festival and many more.


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