USA Festivals

The festivals are much important for the culture of the country that can help the visitors to understand and know the land. Festivals in USA are unique, interesting and the most enjoyable of all. USA loves, dance music, and the most energetic carnivals. Among the famous festivals of USA, the Electric Daisy Carnival, held in Las Vegas is whacky! This is a mid- summer dance festival where the young boys and girls, with the best of talents to EDM, and hip hop. This is day dance festival that has a huge magnificent stage too perform on. All you have to do is light up your glow sticks and wait till the show begins. The whole environment seems full of a different energy and people enjoy the celebration to a great extent.


The Greenwich Halloween parade is celebrated on Halloweens that is on the 31st of October. This festival is about dressing up in the scariest way possible. The spell Trick’ O Treat is used to collect candies from the household. There is a parade where whoever wants to take part dresses up in scary attires, scary music is the feature of this festival. The households are decorated like spooky mansions and pumpkins are kept outside as vases. It is one of the leading festival of this impressive piece of land that attract a lot of people to view the parade and people cannot resist to be a part of it also. The natives also love the visitors to be a part of their festival and enjoy their culture.


The Thanksgiving Day Parade in USA is a vibrant and colourful event. The streets are lined up with over 3.5 million spectators and more than 50 million viewers across the nation. The feature of this parade includes, streamers, floating balloons music and dance performances as well as a lot of attractions. Groundhog Day in USA is celebrated on the 2nd of February since the year 1886. On this day the only Punxsutawney Phil leaves his burrow and forms his prediction on rest of the winter. The Hot Dog Eating Contest is held on every Fourth of July at the Nathan’s in Coney Island. There are eleven regional champs who participate in this festival and it is seen that who can eat the most number of hot dogs, in twelve minutes. Well if you’re lucky enough to grab one or two hot dogs that would be brilliant!


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