Vietnam Festivals

Explore the culture and rituals of Vietnam


Situated in the South East Asia, Vietnam has become a major tourist attraction over a period of time. The credit goes to its beautiful locations which are appealing to tourists across the world. Hanoi, the capital, HoChi Minh, Da Nang, Hue, NhaTrang and Vung Tau are some of the major cities of thecountry with ample places to explore.


Vietnam also has a rich cultural history which one can explore in a trip to this magnificent travel destination. The best months to visit the country depends on the city which one wants to travel as the location has a mixed climate. But one can also plan to travel the country while their festive times to have a look at their traditions and rituals during Vietnam Festivalsand enjoy the vibrant and exuberance of the atmosphere.


Vietnam has a glorious festive tradition as each part of the country has its own set of festivals which gives them an opportunity to enjoy and pay tribute to their culture and entertain the community.


Lets’ have a look at famous festivals in Vietnam:


Vietnam International New Year
The festivals and traditional cultures are mostly followed as per lunar calendar in Vietnam but with thepassage of time, the Christian calendar is followed for celebrating the new year. On 1st of January, the country observes it’sgala new year celebration.


Vietnam Lunar New Year Festival
This New Year is observed as per lunar calendar of Vietnam which mostly falls somewhere between late January and early February. It is a huge festival for the locals with an official holiday. Initial three days of the lunar calendar is a part of this celebration. However, almost a month is spent by locals of Vietnam to celebrate their new year.


BaiDinh Pagoda Festival
The Lunar New Year 1st day is the start of spring festival of BaiDinh pagoda. It is a long celebration which continues till athird lunar month. It is also considered an apt start for pilgrim marching towards Hoa Lu NinhBinh province.


Huong Pagoda Festival
It is one of the biggest Buddhist festivals which is inclusive of BaiDinh and Yen Tu pagoda festivals. The festival holds a great significance spiritually for Vietnamese locals and Buddhists.


Giong Festival
This festival is celebrated during spring time majorly at Hanoi in honour of St. Giong, who was a brave fighter in Vietnamese mythology who fought against foreign enemies.


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