Weather in Bangkok Pattaya

Pattaya is situated in tropical region and therefore it has tropical wet as well as dry climate. As the climate is also divided into different seasons in combinations as hot and dry, hot and humid, hot and rainy, which really offers a different feel to the visitors of this place. Climate in Bangkok Pattaya is found hot all the year around and the average peak temperature in Pattaya is 29 degrees Celsius. It is not so hot for the visitors of average temperature countries particularly for Asian countries while for the visitors of Europe it is a bit hot day with such temperature.


Bangkok Pattaya weather has three main seasons and is subjected to annual monsoons. The cool season ranges from November to February, which experience a very little rain and not too hot temperatures and this is called as the best time to visit Pattaya for the tourists from cold areas. Hence, people find it is an expensive trip in this particular season.


March, April and May are the three months which are hottest and the average high temperature in this particular period is 33 degrees Celsius. It is very hot and sticky in this particular duration and sometimes it also has a bit rain mostly at the end of April and probably in the month of May. However, for the tourists from Asian countries this season is also very good to enjoy the trip.


The other season, which is low season for tourists is rainy season and has intense downpours between the months of June to October. However for the people who love to visit the national parks and botanical garden, it is a perfect season to be there. People also experience the rainfall all day and night at times. Beaches are found very less crowded in this particular period.


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