Weather in Bhutan

For every tourist who need to visit an area that is not much known to him, must get a perfect news about the concerned land. Well, when it comes to Bhutan Weather, then we get to know that the place has variations, in its weather conditions due to the variations of its altitude even though it is not that large in the area. In the northern part of the country where the altitude exceeds the height of 7000 metres the temperature is similar to the arctic. The climate in Bhutan experiences humidity in the summer season, and heavy rains in the monsoon season. It is better to stay on the lower regions during the winter season since the temperature is freezing at higher altitudes. Overall one can say it has a low temperature and hence for the tourists from cold countries it is a perfect destination.


The tourism fluctuates according to the climatic conditions in Bhutan. You may get to see very less tourists during the monsoon month in Bhutan that extends from June to August, since during this time rains put an end to activities like trekking and hiking. Therefore those who are interested in adventure sports do not prefer to be there and take risk rather they prefer to wait for perfect weather condition.


There are comparatively more tourists seen during the month of December to February, when the weather is pleasant. It is winter during this time and the tourists love the chills of the place. The ideal weather for the tourists to visit Bhutan is during the months of March to May or September to November. The season of spring and autumn prevails in Bhutan during this time and flights are booked in advance during this time. It also helps the tourists to enjoy the real beauty of the nature here.


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