Weather in Egypt

The best time to visit Egypt


Egypt is a well-known country and popular tourist destination owing to its scenic beauty and tourist attractions like pyramids, tombs, temples, deserts and beaches. The country is densely populated which makes it the third largest populated country in Africa and 15th largest populated in theworld. The country shares its borders of North East with Africa and from South West with Asia. It is also known as a Eurafrasian nation. It is situated within Nile valley with its civilization on banks of Nile River.


The climate in Egypt is Mediterranean. It is a hot country, and most of the regionsare dry while Delta and Mediterranean coastal are humid. Since Egypt is majorly a desert, it has aclimate of a desert that is hot days and cold nights. Egypt weatherwitnesses only 2 seasons of mild winter from November to April and a hot summer from May to October. It is said that October to May is the best time for visiting which can help Egypt tourism. The average minimum temperature during winters is 14 degrees and summer it is 30 degrees.


The rainfall in overall Egypt is moderate. Most of the rains can be seen in coastal areas. But even thoughrains are moderate the wettest area of Alexandria receives only 200 ml of rainfall every year. The area is very humid, but breezes help to keep the moisture level bit low. Going south the rainfall decreases. Cairo has high humidity during summers which reduce during rest of the year. South Cairo is very low on rainfall with no rainfalls at times. The area near the Mediterranean Sea allows some agriculture around the coastal area.


Egypt also has a very peculiar thing about its climate. The Egypt witnesses hot spring wind which runs in thewhole country. It is known as sirocco by Europeans and Khamsin by Egyptians. This air blows mostly in April and at times in March and May.


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