Weather in Seychelles

The best time to visit Seychelles


When a person plans for a vacation, one of the most important aspects to consider is the climate. It is imperative to have a moderate climate for the travel destination to offer a pleasant holiday experience. If the atmosphere is in extreme phases, it will spoil the tour as one will not be able to explore the destination well because of the hurdles caused by unfavourable climate.


Seychelles is a beautiful country of Islands with as much as 115 Islands on its land thereby covering it with water from all the sides. The country is located inthe Indian Ocean and is 1500 kilometres away from themainland of East Africa. The capital city of thecountry is Victoria. The climate of Seychelles is overall moderate throughout the year which is a great benefit for Seychelles tourism.


The climate in Seychelles is never too hot or cold and is majorly warm. There is humidity in climate because of the water surroundings from all sides. In fact, the pleasant climate makes the country preferred holiday spot for many. With anaverage temperature of 27 degrees, the temperature never rises above 32 and never falls below 24 degrees.


Because of thetropicalclimate, it does rain here, but the rains are mostly brief which continues only for few hours and are confined to just One Island or aspecific part of Island.The driest months of the year are between May to September with November, December and January being thewet of all months. But it is always the sunshine before and after the showers which is the beauty of climate over here.


The breezes are gentler from October to April as the winds come from North West, which makes the beaches safe to swim and have fun. In short there is no bad time to visit this country because Seychelles weather is moderate with blue sky and warm temperatures.

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