Weather in South Africa

The weather in South Africa is influenced by the sea breeze since it is located in the peninsular region of Africa, and its coastline stretches up to 2,798 kilometres. It is a dry country with an annual rainfall of about 464 mm per annum. The Western Cape gets most of its rainfall during the winter season, while the rest of the country receives rainfall during the summer season.


The climate in South Africa rises above the temperature of 45 degrees. The summer season lasts from mid October to mid February and has a hot, sunny weather. The sky usually becomes cloudy during the evening, leaving a unique African smell in the air.


The winter season prevails form May to July in the country of South Africa. There is heavy snowfall in the high lying and south western parts. There is heavy rainfall during this season in the Western Cape with floods in most of the areas. The best time of the year for visitors to visit depends upon what they decide to do. If they want to watch the Namaqualand daisies bloom, then the best time to visit the place is during the months of August and September.


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