Weather in USA

USA generally has a moderate type of climate. The climate of USA varies due to the latitudinal difference of the place. The country being big enough is sufficient enough for latitudes to pass through. With the difference of latitude the weather of USA varies. There are various climate zones here and hence the weather also changes accordingly. There are typically winter and summer seasons only as rain here also fall in the form of snow and hence one can feel low temperature in majority months of the year.


The western side usually shares an Arid or semi- arid kind of climate, while the eastern region shares a humid kind of climate. The northern areas are humid as well, while the southern region has a tropical kind of climate. The summers are not so hot but the winters are extremely cold. The winters extend from the month of November to march, and high amount of precipitation takes place. The place is covered with beautiful white snow. However, in different seasons here one has to be careful about wind as there are many areas where the tornadoes are formed quickly and move on that can be a difficult situation to handle. However, this is not a normal scenario and hence not a reason to worry for the tourists.


The temperature during the summers does not exceed the temperature of 38 degrees while the winters are cold and reach up to the temperature of -15 degrees. If you’re a winter lover, then visiting the place during the time of December is the best choice, its Christmas by then and the entire place would be covered up with white snow. If you’re a summer lover, then of course summer is the best time to visit where you can visit the beach and get yourself tanned.


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