Weather in Vietnam

The best time to explore the exotic Vietnam


Whenever a person plans to travel one of the basic questions that arise in mind is the climate of the destination. It is essential that the climate of a tourist destination should be comfortable and pleasant enough so as to give the visitors a memorable experience. If the climate is too hot, cold to extremely rainy one cannot enjoy a hassle free trip.


Vietnam, which is a famous travel destination, is situated in South East Asia. The country is famous for sightseeing and for rich cultural heritage. Vietnam tourism gets benefits from the finest of rivers and beaches along with monuments and French colonies. Various cities of Vietnam have world class restaurants, clubs, shopping malls and hotels to keep a visitor glued thoroughly.


One can say that there is no specific perfect time to visit Vietnam as it all depends on which part of the country one wants to travel. The climate of each region varies from season to season. Broadly speaking climate in Vietnam has tropical monsoon which dominates southwest Vietnam from April to September and Northeast Vietnam from October to March or early April.


Vietnam weather in northern part goes from moderate to extreme be it cold or hot. December and January are chilling cold in North Vietnam. During this time, heavy mist can also be seen in places like Sapa and Ha Long Bay. July and August are the wettest months for Hanoi the capital city of Vietnam while December and January are the driest months.


With plenty rains, southern Vietnam has hot and humid climate from April to September with June and July being the wettest months. In the first half of the year coastal stretch of Hue to NhaTrang is pleasant and from November to Feb/March Saigon and Mekong Delta is best to visit.


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